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When I first started going to Dr. Pinkston about five months ago I had pain in my lower back and it was stiff. I also had pain in my upper back and it was radiating into my left shoulder, and the pain was constant. I was taking 9 to 12 Advil every day and I still had pain. I decided to try Dr. Pinkston and decided that I would commit to it for 3 months as I did not believe my back could be healed overnight. In the begining I was going several times a week, but within a couple weeks the pain in my shoulder was gone. In another week or two the pain in my lower back was gone. After about two months I no longer had pain in my back and was only occasionally taking a couple Advil a day, mostly for pain in my feet which comes from walking four or five hours a day. I have also lost 20 pounds since starting with Dr. Pinkston. I feel much better than when I started. My family and coworkers have also noticed I have lost weight and look better. I would highly recommend Dr. Pinkston to anyone who is having pain.

- Michael Ayres

Former skeptic to total advocate.  I've had neck issues and carpel tunnel for YEARS and have been to both an orthopaedic surgeon and  Physical Therapy. After just 4 weeks I finally have relief and for the first time in years and my hands didn't go numb at night. Dr. Pinkston genuinely cares about his patients and their overall health and well being.  He is unlike any other healthcare professional I've ever been to and would recommend anyone to go to him !  He has a unique practice where he will also work with you with massage , stretching and strength building exercises.  My only regret is not starting this program sooner!

- Julie Elledge

Dr. Pinkston might be the best doctor I've EVER had!  I live in Chicago and make weekly trips to St. Louis to visit him 3-4x a week for my adjustments! After 12 weeks, I have full range of my neck and experience barely any pain after being diagnosed with a pinched nerve. 

The way I came across Dr. Pinkston was nothing short of FATE! I’ve had severe back pain for about 4 years, but my mother suffers from arthritis of the lower back since she was 16 and always said back arthritis was hereditary in our family. So, I learned to live with the pain assuming I was plagued for life.  However, in September the pain worsened to the point I could barely sleep for two hours total a night! Walking, sleeping, sitting, lying down, working out; essentially existing became painful as hell! I was in STL and visited the Taste of STL in Chesterfield while in excruciating pain and Dr. Pinkston’s table was the first table I encountered. This was the FATEFUL moment. He did a quick scan, diagnosed me with chronic back/neck pain right there on the spot and told me to make an appointment as soon as possible. He was shocked I hadn’t even visited a doctor for my pain since my scans were off the chart! That was all I needed to convince me I need a Chiropractor!  After X-rays and weekly adjustments for 3 months, I’m sleeping like a cat again, simply existing isn’t physically painful anymore, and I am more alert, less stressed, and energetic.

My Chicago friends tell me to get a chiropractor in Chicago, but sometimes you just know when you have a good thing!  For a doctor, I couldn’t ask for much more! Dr. Pinkston listened to all my concerns and questions and has helpful answers and remedies for everything. On top of all of this he is EXTREMELY nice and personable and so is Adriana, the office assistant! I highly recommend him! You won’t be disappointed!

-  Dhaviella Harris